Adam Hogarth

Adam Hogarth lives and works in London. He completed an MFA in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 2013 following a BA Hons at Northumbria University. Hogarth works at Thames Side-Print Studio as a screen-printing technician and is currently the etching Fellow at The Royal Academy of Arts Schools.

“My work has theoretic links to the Auto-Destructive art movement and its links to language. I look to forms of Ideoglossia (languages spoken by small groups) as entry points into my practice. I also explore the changing face of photography, often re-appropriating digital and analogue photographs through traditional printmaking techniques.”

Hogarth is concerned with highlighting the slippages in visual conversion between digital and analogue formats.

“In an age in which more photographs are taken than ever before, less photographic objects exist. With this change come new trends and aesthetics in the visual characteristics of photographs. This is something I look to integrate into my own work.”