Alice Irwin

‘Every memory we make and experience we need to cherish, it's what makes us unique’

Alice Irwin aims to portray in her work what makes us human and individual. Irwin focuses on many different depictions of the face. Faces document our personalities and record our complex journey through life.

She is interested in the eyes. Instinct makes us fixate on the eyes, drawing us deeper into our personalities and souls. Eye contact is powerful. Eyes reveal emotions and identity. Irwin creates hybrid multi-layered works as our beings are built in layers. Building one face upon another creates a complex web of line and form, creating a mass of faces. Building layers forms installationsand adds dimension and perspective, just like how we have to view the world and the surrounding experiences of individuals.

Etching is key to this process. Similarly to living, it involves giving life to the plate. The physical building up of layers corresponds the way we build up our lives, layer by layer. She incorporates her smallerprints to create larger works, forming human physical experiences, so you are surrounded by a experience of work.

Irwin’s images are two-dimensional and together form three dimensional installations, forcing you to take time to understand the images, adding another dimension. She encourages you to empathise with the faces and take time to interact and imagine. You are then able to form your own memories from the experience you have just walked into and encountered.