Alice Irwin

Alice Irwin is an award-winning RCA graduate, who recently had a solo show at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In 2017 she won the Contemporary Art Trust prize for a series of prints; she has recently exhibited at Flowers Gallery, Sid Motion Gallery, CGP London and East of Elsewhere in Berlin. Alice Irwin works in layers as a printer, and much of her sculpture is created from a printer’s perspective. She pushes the boundaries of art and craft, combining the traditional and the new.

Irwin aims to convey the innocence we possess as children but also to express the message of human identity; she wants some aspects of her work to be playful, naïve and comical while others are more thought-provoking. Her work offers contrasts: some parts are tactile; others create kinetic experiences in the mind. These contrasts are designed to stimulate different kinds of memory.