Alison Scott

Alison Scott graduated from the prestigious Complete Printmakers Course run by Salford’s Hot Bed Press in 2016. She is proud to be a member of the collective of ten fellow students from that course - Reveal Printmakers - who have been successfully exhibiting at galleries and print fairs in London and the North West for the last 5 years. She has also had two solo shows, won third prize at the Waterside Open in Manchester and been elected for the RE – Printmakers Masters of Screen and Stone exhibition at the Bankside.

Scott has always drawn people. She finds that drawing, and by extension etching, allows her to connect with her subject and consequently she often feels empathy and a fondness for the people that she portrays.

Learning to print provided exciting new possibilities for Alison’s artwork. It allows her to experiment with composition and colour, making it up as she goes along so mistakes occur and the picture retains energy and life created by the need to frantically rescue and repair disasters or happy accidents.

She is much more interested in catching what it feels like to be there or to be that person than what it looks like.