Anastasia Kirienkocreate

Anastasia Kirienkocreates work aims to reflect the fragility of human life and the endless struggle.

The work depicted is a fantasy story:

In the year 2086 two competing corporations «RAVE» and «KINGA» are agreeing to host a mix-fight championship among neuro-controlled robots. The championship is based on the rules of MMA and is aimed to promote the winning company. Basically the championship of the corporations is relying on the experience of the popular in the 21 century organisation UFC, that was hosting the tournaments between the best fighters of the planet. The tournaments are gaining their audience quickly. Soon they are hosted monthly in the biggest cities of the planets. The fights are followed by millions of fans and their ratings are skyrocketing. The fact that the robots are not manipulated remotely makes it even more popular. Real fighters are connected to the robots by a neural network ; they lead the fight from the cabin installed in the head of the robot. That makes them risk their lives while manipulating the machine.