Andrea Zvadova

Andrea Zvadova is a freelance photographer born and raised in Slovakia, now based in London. Her photography focuses on beauty and portrait.

Zvadova has a special sense for detail and balance in her photography. Her close up study of human features transform skin and hair into abstract landscapes and imaginary worlds.

Zvadova’s work marries great sensitivity and minimalism. She celebrates unusual beauty, diversity and uniqueness opposed to the standard perceptions of beauty.

She works with both digital and analogue photography including old alternative photography techniques. Her hand printed cyanotype work focuses mainly on floral elements.

It is a way to get back to outdoors and fresh air. Working in nature in synergy with it is a very personal and intimate process, a natural cleanser. Her hand-printed photograms are a reminiscence of summer, a sense of freedom walks through the meadows, grasses and weeds reaching the waist, reflections of sunshine along the banks of the river, shimmering lights amongst the branches of trees.

Most of this work is dependent on nature, the seasons, where the sun is paradoxically the dark room.