Andy Lovell

Andy Lovell's work is initiated by drawing and painting in the landscape/cityscape and then is increasingly informed by a desire to abstract, partially deconstruct or visually redact those images that result. He pursues a visual representation of his subject matter through bold, sensitive mark-making that captures an amalgamation of weather and light and the shifting shapes (clouds, sea) that one experiences sitting within a space for several hours and that expresses the emotion of the experience on that day. Moving from his original tonal paintings to print involves both simplification and re-evaluation, reconstructing the images through overlaid colour and texture, paired down, stronger, subtler. Monotypes and screenprints offer different important qualities which he uses to inform the final image. He revels in the tonal nuances of the velvety bottomless blacks that monotypes exude, but is equally drawn to the graphic feel and simplification that screen inks deliver.