Angela Brookes

 Angela Brookes trained at the Central School of Art and London University.

In her professional career she taught ceramics, but her studies at the Central also introduced her to the seductive qualities of printmaking, which has now become her preferred artistic medium.

Her work centres on the natural world. She frequently visit the coasts of Norfolk and Suffolk and is drawn to the vast open spaces and skies, so typical of this area. Landscapes and seascapes are favourite topics and she enjoy depicting the ever changing effects of light and colour at different times of the day, and as the seasons roll through the year.

Her favoured printing process is dry-point and monoprint, using two separate plates, often employing carborundum to produce deep rich colour where the ink and paper become one. Here she keeps her editions small, usually only 5–10 prints. The monoprint plate determines that each print is unique.

She also works with etching and aquatint, and with solar plate, often working with imagined landscapes. Angela Brookes is a committee member of the Printmakers Council, an elected member of Greenwich Printmakers and has exhibited widely in London and throughout the UK.