Angela Paola Rossi

 ‘A Good Liver Stew’ is an etching of a folktale from Picinisco, Italy. The story originates in the popular culture of Picinisco around the 1900’s, typically passed on by word of mouth. The storyteller in this project is Liliana De Felice. She is the migrant descendant of inhabitants in Picinisco. The stories were told to her by locals on their return to the village whilst visiting relatives.

This etching is one of a series of nine artworks based on Picinisco folktales.

Angela Paola Rossi the artist who created this etching based on the folktale is the granddaughter of a migrant from Picinisco. Angela trained to be an architect at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow. She is now a practising artist and is due to complete her degree as a Master of Fine Arts in September 2019 at Middlesex University in London. She has returned to the area every year since she was born.