Anna Marrow

Anna Marrow has been working as an image maker and illustrator since graduating from central Saint Martins, with a distinction at MA level, in 2007. Since graduating she has produced work for The Guardian, Polydor records and Heals, amongst others. She has also been making limited edition prints for a number of galleries. She works mainly in screen printing with a focus on drawing, colour and narrative. She says, ''everything starts with drawing, it may be a character or an environment for a character, I love drawing buildings and am really interested in architecture so I often start drawing a part of a city, then add some surprising characters to suggest a narrative' She wants her images to surprise the viewer and is keen to suggest the beauty and romance in everyday situations. She loves the innocence and romance of olds films, so often uses characters with a touch of nostalgia. She is drawn to screen printing because you can mix painted, drawn, digital, photographic and collaged imagery together in one piece of work.