Anna McDowell

Anna McDowell’s practice is multi-disciplinary, with a strong focus towards object-making. Drawing, printmaking and textiles are also integral. Working in a project-oriented manner, she seeks to create bodies of work that form a poetic, emotive and psychological narrative. Drawing influence principally from her personal history, found objects, literature and psychoanalytic theory, subjects such as time, loss, memory and the space of home are recurrent.

'Locus' is an ongoing series of photopolymer etchings made from photographs found and collected by the artist whilst living in the Catalonian countryside. Photographs carry with them an inherent sense of loss. In Camera Lucida, Roland Barthes writes ‘photographs shock us because they so finally represent what has been’. The circular voids - cut out of the image by hand before being transferred to photopolymer - seek to highlight this embedded characteristic. The incisions point to the object-hood of the photograph, emphasising for the viewer the gulf between her/himself and the moment encapsulated by the image. Furthermore, the series functions as an allegory for McDowell’s engagement - through the prism of these found objects - with Catalonia and the minute details of its past.