Anna Walsh

Anna Walsh is a British London based artist who works with natural history imagery and methods of categorising in her art practice to convey the themes she explores of anthrozoology (interactions between humans and other animals). Most of her categorising is not scientific, but more ‘folk taxonomic’ in its nature; it is more social or based on local or personal knowledge. Combining traditional skills of observational drawing with digital design to create faux educational charts and maps, her practice seeks to re-imagine and subvert the ways humans categorise and view the natural world. She blends languages of science and art to create intricate maps, diagrams and charts as limited edition prints (digital and screen) that invite the viewer to take a closer look; to find the subtle subversions, often with a humorous undertone.

The North/South Circular Celestial Menagerie prints feature animal myths and legends from London to create celestial maps of the sky.

The Stripe Set and The Pink Set allude to natural history educational illustrations, although the categories and layout attempt to break away from their systematic form.