Annie Wasdell

Annie Wasdell’s latest work embraces monotype printmaking, which is a spontaneous and often unpredictable way to create images. Made by printing the inked bed of an off-set litho press, no two monotype prints are ever the same.

Annie has always been intrigued by flora and fauna, and working in layers, as one can do with monotype printmaking, is a process akin to peeling back the layers of the natural world. The physical process of making such a print; the painterly adding of ink, then the erasing, blurring and revealing, seems to mimic the way these layers are built up. Some layers are transparent, some less so. And some obscure the layer behind, forming complexities within the image.

Visually and conceptually, the work balances between the familiar and the abstract. They are all in some way irregular, sometimes flawed, rather than smooth, crisp and in order. They represent the physicality of the world; the fragility, the unpredictability and the ever-shifting of our existence.