Arabella Hilfiker

Hilfiker’s work is informed by a fascination in observing occurrences, recurrences, patterns, conversations and relationships seen in everyday life.
Often referencing her thoughts and confusion her work develops a commentator style ‘voice’ discussing and observing practices, eccentricities and documenting social behaviours.
Using drawing and printmaking to blur the boundaries between text and image, her musings intuitively manifest in a coordinated mess of cartoonish analogies, word plays and marks.

In her most recent series of prints Hilfiker seeks to use printmaking as both medium and metaphor. The series ‘Claygate and’ is a celebration of friendship and place. Screenprint as a reproducible medium acts as the static, reliable longevity of the ‘place’, which in this case is the home.
Within the structure of the screen print she extends the image intuitively with monoprint, painting and drawing, allowing each narrative or ‘portrait’ to manifest in the space and celebrate the uniqueness of friendship.