Areej Abdi

Areej Abdi combines the environment around her and her conceptual and perceptual state of mind. The state of being at that moment in time is captured in the image. To be true as an artist is to capture the image in its true form and the mood and emotion that will lead to a response from the viewer. The versatility of printmaking as a median encourages growth and experimentation. The artist believes as a printmaker and an artist, to investigate, research allows for inner growth and learning. The printmaking process of collagraphy was used for this print called ‘Exploration’. Connecting with the natural world, breaking it down in its most basic form – it’s the idea that the environment can be captured and translated with sensitivity in its most simplistic form. The use of the abstract form through colour, shape and spontaneity is evident in the artist’s recent work. Areej Abdi’s art is expressive and contemplative. It engages the psyche and the sensations. It’s the combination of the surrounding environment at that time and the introspection of the mind that inspires her, It’s her desire to express the link between the fragility of the natural world and the wellbeing of humanity.