Bea Veness

The work of Bea Veness explores the possibilities of screen printing and language, using short snippets of text and shorthand to create semi-abstract compositions with much in common with British modernist printmakers such as Claude Flight and Cyril Power. Her ongoing series ‘The Nato Alphabet’ develops each individual phoneme into a visual motif, combining screen printing with linocut. A Modernist project which was created at the beginning of mass communication, the Nato Alphabet was conceived as an international code that dissolved geographical borders and which was specifically created for ease of pronunciation by English, French and Spanish speakers. By visually abstracting this internationalised alphabet, Veness opens its communicative potential still further. Bea Veness graduated from Chichester University with a BA in fine art. Recent shows include The Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester; Portsmouth Guildhall; and at Portsmouth Cathedral.