Becky Allen

Becky Allen’s ritualistic practice explores drawing as a form of meditative catharsis, in which her rhythmical abstract works channel the movement and energy of repetitive mark-making, creating images that seem to grow organically. 

With incessant marking of a single line or motif over time, Allen’s process mimics the labour of domestic textile production whilst creating a visual record of passage through time. The recurrent and contemplative techniques of weaving are echoed in the ruminant act of drawing, aiming to mirror the transformation of thread to fabric and the manifestation of patterns in nature.

Allen’s predominantly large-scale works express the patience and physicality required to create meticulously detailed drawings. With closer engagement from the viewer, they transcend their abstract forms when the evolution of each line or mark can be observed.

Graduating from  Camberwell College of Arts in 2011 she went on to complete her Masters in Visual Communication at the RCA 2013. She has participated in several art residencies and many group exhibitions. In 2017 she was shortlisted for the coveted Jerwood Drawing Prize.