Bella Easton

Myriorama Room Series is based on a 19th Century picture card game, where each image links to the next and can be placed in any order forming a myriad of different compositional landscapes. The large-scale copper plate etchings are of real places that are reconfigured into immersive fabrications made from a geometric framework of 88 printed panels. <br /><br />The intimacy of each domestic interior is fragmented, and the process applies a further distorting and distancing. Each 10x10cm section is made using a traditional copper plate etching technique, which is printed and offset multiple times to create a mirror image. These symmetrical dissections are equals and rely on each other to co-exist. Here Easton generates abstract effects into a figurative ground.

Anaglypta series are part of a recent body of work originated from old fragments of wallpaper extracted from the domestic interior of the artist’s home. A small-scale graphite drawing of each was initiated from the wallpapers’ flat graphic motif; this was then used to inform a hand cut paper stencil, reminiscent to a paper doily. Each motif is blind embossed over a hand-tooled grid onto printmaking paper so that pattern and texture fuse in the style of anaglypta wall covering.