Bislacchi’s emphasis lies on the human gesture of mark-making that has been fundamental to painting throughout history. It is based on the manipulation of fabric, according to a traditional painting process that uses canvas as the primary source and material. Recently, Bislacchi extended his practice into print, by using this same manipulation of material and fabric to make etchings. 

“My process arises from my fascination with the multiple-faceted nature of physicality and form. My recent series of etchings contain forms given by the texture of the fabric crushed into the plate, where the focus is on the activity or movement of the material, but also by the labour involved in the gesture that accumulate and overlap the layers of material. This also creates an alternation of shadow and light within the work, through a method that is simultaneously spontaneous and controlled.”
The use of colour reflects Bislacchi’s interest in the Modernist and Minimalist ideas of painting that consider the treatment of the whole surface, resulting in sleek, clean outcomes. Here the artist’s actions become distinctly visible, drawing the viewer’s attention to the shape and the texture of the crushed forms.