Brian D Hodgson

Hodgson’s work involves a personal psycho-navigational practice, the artist making physical and mental journeys towards ‘edges’ found in terrain he actively seeks out or finds himself in.

‘Dark Snow’ uses a photograph made at a point of exhaustion on the second day of a ridge traverse on the Isle of Skye; this image was later unexpectedly invaded by a ghostly interference from a dysfunctional exposure unit in a darkroom in London; the work with its imperfections is a reflection of the creative struggle, and welcomed by the artist in recognition of the beauty and potential in failure and dysfunction.

Hodgson also makes small etchings which are literally pauses in journeys, temporary stops marked with a grid reference from his GPS, places to return to, or for another person to rediscover.

‘23 Days of Absorption’ was drawn on location in Snowdonia. Over a year the artist journeyed from London to sit on a rocky ledge. This precipice was attainable via a gully scramble, 100 metres below the summit, clinging to a cascade of mountainside. A precarious place to be, perched over air; making a sojourn in liminality, ‘cold hand drawing’ and wet to the skin, like the landscape itself - receiving.