Bérénice Lefebvre

Bérénice Lefebvre’s approach unfolds around different artistic fields such as multiple, sculpture and photography. This is a part of a daily survey of urban space, territory from which we can observe a multiplication of frames and screens. All these surfaces, physical or pictorial, reflect a plurality of forms that constitute an important part of my formal repertoire, particularity those that can be extracted from certain networks of dense buildings, often located in peri-urban areas. From her perspective as a walker, however, it is impossible to perceive the city from the outset : it necessarily passes to the eyes of the screen status. She strive to reconstruct the contours of this urban territory by accumulating its representations, whether three-dimensional or planar, sculptures/ images. I thus establish a documentary corpus where each piece becomes organ of a dislocated architectural body. This omnipresence of the document as a source inscribes her work in the contemporary movement of art which tends to look towards the archive. In the same way, through her collages and her manipulations, she asserts her subjective choice and shakes that authority of the archive.