Carmen Garaghon

Dolls are at the centre of Garaghon’s practice and her work explores their multiple and complex significance as symbols. Dolls can stretch our definition of play and ritual, where playfulness and seriousness are not separate, causing the inanimate to become animate and stimulating the imaginary and spiritual world. Garaghon rethinks the notion of a ‘doll’, questioning its function as more than a toy, and queries whether ‘play’ can exist outside the child’s domain. If we accept these ideas, then dolls can be viewed as vessels which transmit meaning and can create change.

‘One Moment Please’ uses printmaking to explore the multiple and the significance of repetition in order to create abundance. Making something out of nothing, something which is poetic, simple but also complex. Reclaiming words such as worship and prayer One Moment Please acts as a collective prayer where each component symbolises the importance of making and the power of the object, demonstrating the value of human experience and the relationship of maker to process.