Caroline Macey ARE

Caroline Macey is fundamentally a story teller. Her prints are a hybrid between lino and wood engraving, combining these historic techniques with reflections on present-day life to create intricate, tangled images that draw the viewer in and deliver more to see with every moment. She pins her narrative down in black and white, like words on a page.

The kicking off point for "Rock and a hard place" was the Brexit vote. A shadowy anonymous figure pushes and distorts the rest of society. Money flies from his pockets. Moving along the line, everyday people are left with no ground beneath them, squashed into the edge of the picture. "Mothers and daughters" was the first in a series of prints about the maternal chain within a family. This bond of women is also the basis for "Mothers and daughters 2"  and "Backbone"."Rocking in the free world" reads from the bottom up. The rich stand on the poor, all clambering to get to the top.