Carolyn Gowdy

Carolyn Gowdy’s art is not just a form of creative expression. It’s a form of exploration. Work is play and play is work. It’s a way of being. She endeavours as an artist, to align with love, light, beauty, grace, humour, magic, and wonder, as much as possible. It is also important to be aware that there are many layers and levels of light and shadow within the authentic experience of life on life’s terms. Wisdom, clarity, and truth emerge as hidden treasures following breakdowns and breakthroughs. The miracle of life is something to celebrate, document, and preserve. It’s important to stay fresh, new, alive in the moment, awake to elements that might otherwise go unappreciated, unnoticed or forgotten. Gowdy is fascinated by the subject of consciousness, the ongoing experience of being alive and how this relates to the past, present, and future of human beings being human on the planet. It’s important to keep learning and to ask questions. Humanity is most definitely a work in progress. Her mantra: Life is an adventure, life is a gift.