Cecilia Sjoholm

London based artist, Cecilia Sjoholm, works with a variety of techniques and materials. Her drawings and paintings often feature beeswax and she uses screen printing as a method to work with flatness of colour. Metal, MDF and plywood are used for three-dimensional work. With an educational background in fine art, interior and architecture, Sjoholm’s art practice is focussed around the concepts of structure, scale and spatiality.

Central to the work is an on-going exploration into the notion of perception of volume and flatness, searching for multiple interpretations of abstract form, including how the content negotiates the borders of a paper, the physical dimension of a wall, a room or a space.

Often starting with a systematic approach and using a structure as a basis, Sjoholm is interested in how to disrupt or re-configure this, using subjective and intuitive methods. She is searching for the tension that can occur when a system is undermined, collides with itself or ceases to exist. I am also exploring the boundaries between two and three-dimensional languages and how to blur the distinctions between the two.