Cecily Vessey

Vessey creates screen prints of architecture and landscapes. New ideas come to her when she is out and about, either pedalling around or walking. She avoids the tube in London as she like to see the buildings and the views as she travels, usually on her bike.

Vessey first started to push her work when lived in Oxford as teenager. It's is where she fell in love with architecture but also where she realised she was hopeless at drawing perspective correctly (although this is slowly improving). It was during this time that Cecily stumbled upon a book about Ben Nicholson containing the following quote: ‘Ben was the only one who couldn’t draw, a preposterous statement unless we interpret ‘couldn’t draw’ as couldn’t copy’’. This quote motivated her to pursue a career in drawing and is pinned up on her studio wall to this day.

She embraces the 'mistakes' in her perspective and lines giving the works a personality of their own.

She sometimes collaborates with print design Georgia Bosson who adds a layer of colour to their pieces. One of the artworks submitted is a collaboration.