Celia Scott

Having trained and worked as an architect and then as an artist, it is perhaps no surprise that Scott’s work hovers on the boundaries of architecture and fine art. She enjoys challenging the integrity of the frontal plane to explore the suggestibility of perspective and spatial illusion. She aims to create a language of forms suggesting missing links for the viewer’s eye to complete.

Scott has been making paintings on plywood on which she had carved channels out of the surface. These panels had the look of woodcut plates and this led her to make prints from them. The Sea and Sand series developed from these.

Celia Scott’s prints were exhibited along with her paintings and low-reliefs in a solo show at Velorose Gallery, London (2018). Her portrait sculpture has been exhibited in solo shows at John Nichols Gallery, New York (1993) and Eleven Spitalfields Gallery London (2012). Her sculptures are held in several public and private collections, including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the British Library, the Royal Institute of British Architects, The Royal Academy of Music, and collections in Europe and the USA. A book on her sculpture, Celia Scott, was published by Black Dog Publishing in 2008.