Chloe Laurence

Chloe Laurence invites viewers into my world to engage with human activity and the use of the body into ways of thinking about our situated place in the world, to evoke a feeling of freedom within the playfulness of creating.

The work is composed by dragging copper etching plates across shifting terrains in my environment to record the textures of the weathered land beneath my feet as she walks. Capturing the physical movement of these temporal, chanced-based happenings within the landscape, resulting in the movement of nature alongside the movement of her body. Using film to document this performance, the etching plate and print remain as a direct record of the experience.

These collective pieces describe a journey, driven by her own instinct to produce within the landscape. Looking, learning, feeling, responding to the weather, the place, the moment.

This process is always unexpected, with copper being a material with an ever-growing relationship to uncover marks in many other landscapes of the world.

Printmaking means to the artist ways of thinking and problem solving, as an approach to becoming more alive in a way that asks us to engage with life in a visceral and interactive way.