Chris Francis

The direction of Chris Francis’s printmaking maintains the exploration and experimentation experienced as a student in the 60s on one of the early Pre-Diploma and Diploma in Art and Design (DipAD) courses.

What have been overriding fascinations are the juxtaposition of the geometric lines with forms from nature. This has been developed in abstract relief prints relying on grained timber overprinted by hand-cut shapes, ready-made articles (e.g. CDs) and bought pieces from craft shops. IN addition, the abstract approach has given the printmaker chance to adopt it to painting and drawing as well as assemblages (three-dimensional collages) Occasionally conventional printmaking techniques are used such as drypoint or photo-etching either as separate works or combined with relief printing techniques.

An over-riding aim has been to stimulate the viewer to consider and be visually excited by the colours, shapes, forms and textures of the subject to the point of awe in the representation