Chris Grice

“My subject matter is the forgotten scraps of the city in which plants and wildlife thrive, bits of nature that try to poke through the clutter of greater London; post-industrial London, the edge of a park maybe spotted from a train window. There is an evolving ecosystem with introduced plants and urbanised animals in man-made hard landscaping. I enjoy to find the places with visual qualities that might be overlooked.”

Taking inspiration from Richard Mabey’s writings after wandering around Rainham riverside and admiring the invasive plant species among the debris  “maybe one dust-blown evening, the drinkers in Dagenham saloons will look out into the main street to see tumbleweeds rolling past their Cortinas,”Grice’s interest does not lie in producing accurate representations, but in achieving the desired effect.

“Hopefully the viewer can find them accessible enough to be evocative of a place of their own.”