Christopher Roantree

Graduating from the Royal College of Art 2002, Chris has since exhibited internationally and nationally within numerous renowned print exhibitions.

He was recently awarded an honourary diploma from La Ville de Chamalieres et I'Association d'Art Contemporain (2014).

In 2009 he won the Cheltenham illustration awards and is now a senior lecturer at The University of Lincoln and Print Tutor at The City and Guilds of London Art School.  

Chris has worked alongside Savannah and Sienna Miller as guest designer in the Twenty8Twelve fashion Label and is currently taking an enviromental science fiction picture book into a french translation for a french publishing house (dates-tbc).

He is currently also working on a two man collabortive show with a visual effects designer around the theme of Re-Wilding, the show will navigate between etchings, paintings, installation and animation exploring cutting edge cgi technologies and 3D printers,  October 2017 at Hanbury Hall, Spitalfields, London.