Chudamani Clowes

Interested in colonisation, global imperialism and the impact of the British Empire on the issues of immigration and migration, Clowes' work has been inspired by the Ethnographic archive at the British Museum. Both the archive of artefacts and photographs aided the artist in forming fictional narratives of the conquest of people.

"I am also interested in how former colonial subjects are represented today in all aspects of society."

Clowes won the Griffin Art Prize in 2014 and spent a subsequent six month residency at Griffin Art Gallery. Here she experimented with using rescue blankets, which provide protection from the elements to those moving across land and sea.

Hercurrent series of etchings ‘Mountain Rescue’ is inspired by the crossings made by migrants from Syria who continue to make treacherous journeys to get to Europe.

"I used the patterns and textures of the rescue blankets to form an imprint onto the soft ground of the etchings. The mountains are also been drawn using this technique. These vein like forms from the blanket create the ragged contours of the mountains."