Claire Brooker

Claire Brooker is an artist and designer living and working in Brighton, UK.

Born in rural Sussex she grew up immersed in the natural world of plants, gardens and landscape, a subject that she continued to draw inspiration from whilst studying constructed textile design at Manchester School of Art in the early1990’s.

Claire is drawn to botanical sources and is intent on conveying the spirit and character of her subjects within the genres of still life and landscape. Intricate details, rhythms of repetition and the nuances of colour evident in nature fascinate her and she explores these elements using a variety of printmaking processes including photography, etching, digital collage and surface pattern.

Through experimentation she strives to depict and enhance the naturally occurring details she observes, manipulating elements in order to create ambiguity and to take subtle steps towards abstraction. Spatial and compositional decisions reflect her considered curiosity for the subject, aiming to arrive at an aesthetic that is minimal yet retains naturalism. These botanical ‘portraits’ are intended to cultivate a sense of intimacy and stillness, capturing a sensory experience of the selected plant forms and natural environments that resonate with her.