Claire Hynds

Claire Hynds is a London based printmaker who has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally and has work in collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Printmakers Council Archive and the National Museum and Gallery of Wales.  Hynds completed an MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England and a BA Honours Fine Art at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.  A member of the East London Printmakers and the Printmakers Council, Hynds lectures in printmaking at Kensington and Chelsea College and City Lit.

Hynds’ work investigates urban environments; more specifically the effect architecture and planning has on the inhabitants.  Visiting well known examples of Modern architecture and the planned ‘new’ towns of Hertfordshire to examine what remains of this utopian vision of post war Britain, she develops work through drawing, photography and print that explores how these spaces are experienced today.

The notion of Psychogeography is integral to Claire Hynds’ reading of urban spaces. 
Exploring the ‘junkspace’ of the Home Counties planned New Towns, Hynds visually records what remains when Modernism has run its course.  The viewfinder crops the landscape to present a series of vistas that capture the fragments of modernism that remain amongst the proliferation of 90’s redevelopment and contemporary signage.  Taking these iconic motifs Hynds explores the possibilities of constructing space to make us see the familiar in a different light.  Employing visual boundaries by referencing architectural blueprints, creating false perspectives and emphasizing the surface and texture of these structures, she challenges the viewers’ sense of space and place.