Daisy Billowes

"Art is not just made by making, but by thinking about the language that we need to translate. I am, down to the bone, a draw-er. A blind draw-er, stemming from my phobia of description of the world, of people, and of landscape."

Billowes' work is about touching, and a sense of being. It is about function – the way the world functions. Her work, in it's simplest form, is about how we respond to things. The body of work aims to function like organic mechanisms of the everyday, heightening our awareness of the importance of the world.

"In abstraction – it's the shapes, colours and lines that make up work. It always carries an emphasis on materials and processes. I scan, I draw, I photograph and I collage to make this language visible. My ideas are an exploration of materiality; the scope of the world – emphasising the tactility between the physical making and the digital realm."