Damaris Athene

Damaris Athene’s practice explores corporeality and the human form, focusing on painting and printmaking, and starting to include digital print and sculpture. She is occupied by Julia Kristeva’s writings on the abject, playing with the push and pull of seduction and disgust she speaks of to confront mortality and the notion of our bodies as pure matter.

Her work often renders the body unrecognisable, re-appropriating images from medicine, vastly changing scale or digitally manipulating body parts.

The ‘Trauma’ series depicts bruises: delicately painted, contradicting their forceful and painful creation. The beauty in these apparently abstract images seems at odds with their abject subject matter.

‘The Pieces of my Spirit Strewn’ describes uncanny visceral forms in artificial sickly pink and heavy impasto. The kaleidoscope formation speaks to the digital age we live in which mirrors our bodies back to us, altering our perception of them. ‘If Only I Could Be 2D’ continues to explore how digital technology is altering the world around us, flattening, perfecting, and affecting how we interact with each other and our own bodies.

‘Pixelate Me’ furthers this exploration with screen printing. Does our corporeality become more abject in contrast with digital perfection?