Daniel Hosego

"The Burden Of The Past"

"In the past religion was an incontestable truth, science merely a tool for proving that truth and art a vessel for celebrating it.

Today science has superseded religion as the 'truth' of our society, but science comes with none of religion's moral values. If people don't believe in God why should they live by his ethical code?

If not his code, where should we derive our perception of value from?

As an artist, I engage in a conceptually motivated practice that explores this perception of 'value' in a secular, post-religiocentric world and the role of the artist within that society.

Drawing on the writings of Nietzsche and Dostoevsky concerning the re-evaluation of values in the face of the 'death of God' and appropriating the visual language of Albrecht Durer among other Renaissance artists; I create intricately hand drawn compositions layered with allusions to both Renaissance and contemporary culture.

These compositions are then recreated using modern, Pop culture, mass production printing techniques to transform the work into an up to date discussion of artistic frustration within the fragmentation characteristic of the modern world."

Thames-Side Print Studio has been working closely with Daniel for years producing his editions. The most recent series use a unique and very lovely process of large scale screenprinting on acrylic panels.