David Begley

David Begley’s monotypes form part of an on-going body of work in monochrome following three years of drawing and making animated charcoal films.

“In the field of the visual universe, I believe images exist of themselves and are waiting to be found. Their beauty, their message, wish to be witnessed. That is their purpose. Finding and revealing them is ours. Sometimes they find us, taking the form of prompts, melody, catalyst, invention, cure. Seeing them manifested, reading them, sifting them, believing or disbelieving them; is your purpose. In this way the image or the dream comes through.”

Fascinated by eggs as ‘the beginning’, the egg features in his first novel, which he is currently writing. The writing feeds his monotypes, and vice versa. Not knowing what he will draw before he begins, the images manifest themselves organically through the process with some surprising outcomes.