Eloise Dethier-Eaton

Eloise Dethier-Eaton’s practice draws upon the decorative and the ornamental to reflect on the environmental challenges we face today. She uses pattern and analogy to question the validity of our construct of culture as independent from nature.

In her most recent work – a pair of screen prints entitled ‘In Gold We Trust’ and ‘Eat Your P’s and Pounds’ – the artist explores the old environmentalist idea that ‘you can’t eat your money’. This concept is a challenge to the monopoly of capitalism and its reliance on the endless generation of money, which can become harmful to our capacity to care for nature and thus to ensure a safe future for all plant and animal species, upon which we rely for our survival.

Bringing together lavish patterns and colours in her work, Dethier-Eaton hopes to tackle these types of issues surrounding climate change and environmental degradation by using dark humour paired with pictorial joyfulness.