Enjung Suh

Eunjung Suh is concerned with excavating the essence of the human mind in art.

“I believe that this can be explored by illuminating dark sides of mind under social masks. The dark side includes violence, vulnerability, hatred, and absurdity which one doesn’t want to embrace in their conscious life.”

Most of Suh’s work is made using printmaking techniques to achieve the required outcome. The unpredictability and contingency of printmaking delivers the artist to where the conscious and unconscious meet.

The artist has recently been developing this organic relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. ‘Series of Brittle Smile’ (2018) aims to explore human’s shadow and how this relates to our outer world.

“I layered different drawings and prints as a strategy to show a movement from the conscious to the unconscious and installed lights on them. Some parts are blurred or hidden by its front layer, whereas other parts are shown clearly. From this, I would like to convey the enigmatic quality of mind and the organic relationship between the conscious and the unconsciousness.”