Fiona Grady

I create window and wall drawings that intervene with architectural spaces to create new narratives. The use of printing allows me test composition, form and colour palettes which often become motifs in my installations. My screenprints investigate how we measure and understand the passing of time in reference to light and the spaces we occupy. I’m interested in the overlooked ephemeral and fleeting moments in life, that we see, but don’t necessarily interpret.

The screenprints are imagined shadows cast by the urban landscape - inspired by the refractions of light through window panes or lens flares. Each layer of colour indicates the changing light through the seasons as the sun rises and sets; this is emphasised by the cooling of tones as they lighten and become more translucent. To discover an interplay between the shapes and a depth of field. To investigate how to imply a sense of movement with static geometric forms.

The ‘Crossing’ screenprints are inspired by a recent body of work for my commission ‘A Glimpse of the East’ at Watts Gallery. And the ‘Circles’ prints are a follow on of a body of unique prints that I exhibited at London Art Fair with Flowers Gallery.