Fiona Stewart

"It seems that the human mind, in dreams, daydreams, or even in waking hours, freely imagines fables, figures, images in which the deep emotional life of the self is projected". Marcel Raymond.

Fiona Stewart likes to tell a tale. Using ambiguous self-portraits juxtaposed with mythological and primitive characters she expresses a narrative.

Sometimes memories from the past, childhood and a love of theatre and literature appear, and these, often grotesque, characters become part of her work.

Stewart’s background as a theatre designer is used as a catalyst for storytelling through the medium of printmaking. The written word, masks, puppets, characters and history drive her imagination.

Drawing intuitively from her conscious and subconscious thoughts, ideas evolve spontaneously often with little or no preliminary drawing. Instead her drawing collaborates with the printmaking techniques and processes. Accepting what happens within this process and working with it until a fulfilling image emerges.

Stewart favours producing smaller editions and unique one of a kind prints.