Frea Buckler

Frea Buckler is a multi-disciplinary artist applying her freestyle methodology in sculpture, wallpainting and screen printed drawings. She describes using the screenprint process as a tool for drawing to produce series of one off works on paper. This process, which she begins without preliminary sketches is paradoxically methodical, systematic and precise and embraces a balance between chaos and control, knowing and not knowing. She applies this approach to her sculptural and installation works, embracing the possibility of imminent failure and adaptation, always responding to what has gone before. She is constantly playing with the contrast of certainty and contradiction, knowing and ambiguity, perfection and imperfection in the making and outcomes of the works.

Her bold, colourful and geometric works resemble hard edge abstraction but she considers them to have more in common with abstract expressionism. They play with illusion and perception, they fit and don’t fit, there are loose ends and spaces in between. Patterns emerge but irregularity is key. The works are rhythmic, exploring sensations of loud and quiet, fast and slow. They are built from modular elements, shapes collected from found forms and objects used to demarcate, barricade and build.