Gabrielle Bejani

Benjani’s current work explores the ‘unleash’ of unconscious desires of revenge and sexual release. It reflects the artist’s personal experience as a girl, and now as a woman, raised by a middle eastern family in France and marginalised during her adolescence.
“My artworks stem from an exuberant festive rage directed at the norm. I have experienced exclusion and sexism, and it has nurtured in me a growing sense of shame as well as a boiling fury. I channel these emotions that I have held within myself for a long time and let them uncontrollably pour out.”

Bejani’s characters celebrate their identity, body and sexuality with euphoric pleasure. The images evolve from prolonged automatic drawing sessions that helps her draw out unconscious feelings and fantasy.
Questions of identity, marginality, confrontation, body awareness and female sexuality all characterise her work.