Greg Stevens

Stevens is an artist interested in translating often complex ideas into visual form. Sometimes this works to break down the difficult material in a more understandable format but more commonly in his work the enigmatic aspect is embraced, narratives may emerge but clarity is often elusive. The work serves to lay down parameters and requests the audience to formulate their own navigation through an open narrative.

Traditional process, such as woodcut and intaglio, combined with the immediate drawing in his sketchbook create a strange contrast. The immediacy of image is drastically transformed into laboriously carved plywood or etchings which Stevens believes emanate an aura of strangeness. A strangeness that comes from printmaking’s natural ability to bestow an importance upon the image that encourages the viewer to investigate when encountered. The historical processes work on their own time frame, allowing for moments of contemplation that somehow exist within the outcome. The traditional finality of print is then rejected as printing is approached in a more painterly manner.