Hannah Robin Baker

Hannah Robin Baker works with paint, print, drawing and mixed media to explore the dark humor at the boundaries between human and animal, desire and disgust.

Her work interweaves personal history and sexuality with symbolism and mythology, creating an alluring and often disturbing world that teeters at the edge of reason.

This world has become a multi-layered Labyrinth, housing heroes, heroines and monsters that fall in love and do battle, endlessly reinventing themselves in new hybrid forms.

The creative processes that she uses, particularly the sequential monotypes, strive to reveal the 'more-than-can-be-said' of the archetypal character in action. She sets the inky stage and allow these creatures to play.

With more recent work, Hannah Robin Baker's focus has been on developing narrative whether by introducing word – poetry, labeling and titling – or by having the persona 'act' in relation to each other and to the viewer.

She is obsessed with the hidden meanings within age old stories, fairy tales, Greek myths and folklore and with what they might tell us about the essence of humanity and how the psyche or subconscious might express itself, particularly in these times of 'over-sharing' and 'fake news'.