Hartash Dale

Hartash Dale’s pieces from “The Writings on the Wall” are the result by two years spent in India between 2014-16, the country of her birth. On a journey “home” these pieces attempt to convey the confusion of colours, architecture, fabrics, patterns and palaces, which create the romantic impression of this much imagined place. Combine these with noise and chaos of a vast, young nation in the midst of rapid transition but rooted in deep, ancient traditions and you begin to see patterns of integration and disintegration which mirror the artist’s own experience in a version of what it means to “be home”.

“Everywhere there is pattern, fearless colour, the relentless urge to decorate, to personalize each space and surface. Layer upon layer, permanent and transitory all merge and emerge: coming into view, disappearing, confusing and clarifying simultaneously. The very idea of India is relentless.”

Hartash currently works out of her studio at Thames-Side Studios and creates her prints at Thames-Side Print Studio.