Heather Graham

Heather is a printmaker who lives and works in London.  She has a BA (Hons) Printed Textiles and recently finished an MA Fine Art. She explains her current body of work: “For several years I have been making drawings and photographs of found tree dens in forests or on common land.  They have a mysterious narrative quality because they have been usually abandoned by their makers.  The complexity of their construction is a clue as to who has made them as are the hints of temporary habitation which might be an internal seating arrangement of logs around a real or imagined camp fire, coverings of bracken, old bottles, a hair ribbon, a child’s glove, and once a graffitied wooden bedhead.

The building of shelters is driven by an ancient, primal human instinct.  As well as providing physical protection and psychological comfort, den building has always appealed to children for whom it is an opportunity to mark their territory and to make a world according to their own rules”.

  As well as exploring these ideas, the work also considers the pyramid as a structural shape and the question of whether you are outside looking in, or inside looking out.