Helen Carter

Drawn to the vast range of scenery the word ‘landscape’ encompasses, Carter has recognised a yearning to travel to landscapes that can only be reached through the processes of painting and printmaking. These landscapes are where her thoughts are at once free to wander and free to be utterly still. Something seems to happen during the act of making, a new way of thinking, a different vantage point, a switching over to another kind of consciousness.

Carter’s practice investigates pathways and pools of light, intention and chance, substance and immateriality. She is interested in finding something from nothing, gently teasing the image out from the printing block, as an act of discovery rather than description. Experimentation with textures and the unpredictable reactions between the surface, medium and paint is therefore integral to her work. It is during the repetitive process of mark making, rubbing out and observation that an intuitive response to the paint takes over.

Having moved away from the coast a few years ago, Carter’s monotypes reflect a quiet, and previously subconscious, hankering for the sea. The prints are tangible mementos of journeys of escapism and self-reflection that cannot be adequately expressed in words.