Helmi Valkola

Finnish architectural designer and printmaker, Helmi Valkola, studied at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow and the Cass School of Architecture and Design in London. In printmaking and drawing Valkola is usually drawn to subjects in the built environment that the eye often skims over: the bits that are messy, ugly, utilitarian and accidental; whether it is industrial warehouses and sheds, temporal structures or decayed buildings.

“I particularly enjoy aspects of the built environment that came to exist without planning, as a result of the unpredictable process of urban life. For me looking at these subjects is the balance I need as an architect where efficiency, accuracy and standardisation is the ideal. My printmaking tends to have the opposite approach: it’s slow, it’s process driven, it allows mistakes to happen and show.”

Vallkola has recently been working with lino, very much enjoying the carving process and experimenting with different mark making.