Hugo Flores

“In recent years our relationship with images has changed drastically. Technology is bringing us more seductive images, more pixels and more accurate colours. Our experience is mainly visual and we swap real experience for images or representations of those experiences. Nature was swapped for landscape and it has dragged with it our notion of reality and our relation with the world itself.

Conceptions about landscape come together in human life since mankind’s existence has always depended on his relationship with nature. With the passage of time, the relationship with nature has marked art. The conception of nature explored by many has determined this relationship while reinforcing or transforming it. Different approaches and productions demonstrate that nature is not so much what actually exists but our own construct of what exists.

Nature is "utilised" when branches are used to construct an object. It is utilised in painting or drawing a landscape, whether picturesque in the style of Constable or sublime in Turner's. In every case, Nature is always what is there. To be contemplated used, represented, enjoyed and appreciated.”

Hugo Flores’ work reflects on the present and immediate surroundings are achieved through different records. Colour loses relevance, images are more significant and the presentation mimics strategies from publicity. The notion of space is flat and the pace is fast and predictable.